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Bobby Willis, President

Interview with Channel 3 News, WTKR

Cool Wave WashPlex is the brainchild of Bobby Willis, a well-regarded car wash industry veteran.  From his early days growing up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Bobby always had a creative flair.  He won multiple awards for his artwork and creative writing as a teen.  It was not unusual to see a miniature battleship built by Bobby and his friends sailing in the marshes of Hatteras Village in mock battle.


After graduating from college, Bobby started his career in the car wash industry selling and installing car wash equipment.  For the next 10 years he worked with various companies in the industry and started developing a reputation for his creative ideas and his attention to detail.  Bobby worked with and visited many car wash owners, operators and manufacturers around the world.  In 2003, Bobby founded Cool Wave Car Washes and opened his first location in Newport News, VA.


Fast forward to today.  It took seven years from Bobby’s first thoughts of WashPlex to the first vehicle’s experience in a WashPlex facility.  WashPlex is a new category of business that blends theme park entertainment with automotive vehicle care.  WashPlex utilizes all six senses to create a one of kind experience for each customer.  Bobby has put together a whole creative team to create weekly experiences to entertain the world, and to clean a vehicle like it has never been cleaned before.  With the rave reviews we are receiving with our first WashPlex facility, we cannot wait to see what Bobby comes up with next!




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