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"What an amazing wash! Quick and high quailty! Great suction on vacuums! 
-Jillian D.

"Truly unlike any other car wash!
-Jessica A.

"The most creative experience at a car wash I've ever had!"

-Christopher S.

"It's an amazing operation!"

-John T.




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I bet you didn't know that we use STEM

(science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in our wash process!

Here's how...


WashPlex uses five different types of water in the wash process to clean your vehicle.  They are hard water, soft water, reclaimed water, reverse osmosis water and reverse osmosis reject water.  We even change the PH of the water and pressures of impingement on the surface of your vehicle during your experience as part of our proprietary wash process.


How is STEM used?  We use scientific processes to create or manipulate water using technology developed by engineers for our water.  Mathematic calculations and software are used in the processes as well.



WashPlex uses various types of power in the wash process to clean your vehicle.  We use three-phase power, single-phase power, phase conversion, alternating current, direct current, high voltage current and low voltage current to operate our wash equipment.  We also manipulate electricity with variable frequency drives (VFD’s) to control multiple devices for the best wash possible.


How is STEM used?  The equipment we use to manipulate electricity was developed by engineers using scientific processes, using mathematical calculations run by proprietary software programs.



All of the soaps, waxes and fragrances used at WashPlex were specifically designed and formulated for us.  Chemists and engineers used special equipment to evaluate the types of dirt, contaminants and residues on the surface of vehicles in our area to formulate our soaps and waxes.

WashPlex soaps and waxes have been formulated with environmentally responsible ingredients and through continued research and development, we have made a commitment to our customers to continue as leaders in this field. 

Part of this commitment was the development of a more sustainable product line.  One that uses less packaging and a reduced “carbon footprint”.

How is STEM used?  Chemical engineers developed our soaps, waxes and fragrances using various scientific processes.  WashPlex uses engineered equipment and software to properly apply each product during the wash process.  We mathematically calculate and use exact volumetrics for each product used in the wash process as well. 



WashPlex uses a proprietary digital mapping system to know the exact dimensions of each vehicle entering into the experience wash bay.  This allows for optimum cleanability of the vehicle and triggers precise cues for the ultimate entertainment experience.


How is STEM used?  Scientific processes utilizing RADAR and SONAR are used in the mapping process.  Mathematical calculations and software are used to create each vehicle’s unique profile.



WashPlex uses various proprietary, state-of-the-art software and wash equipment components to achieve optimum cleanability for each vehicle.  


How is STEM used?  Scientific processes, mathematical calculations, various software and specially engineered equipment were designed to clean each vehicle optimally.  

The Wash
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